Have you ever asked the following:

How can I help my child develop better work habits?

How can my child find positive role models of school success?

How can I keep track of my child's progress?

The Rockwell Program combines direct instruction with group and individual coaching to help students in Grades 4-12:

1. Build strong organizational and executive functioning skills

2. Manage their school tasks more efficiently

3. Learn more effective study skills

Using our unique curricula developed in-house by School Psychologist James Siddall, Ph.D, we help students develop their skills and find methods that work for them to encourage their success. By helping students focus on their process and learn new skills, we aim to help students develop positive habits that will encourage their future success.


Many students can become frustrated with the “how” of school and struggle when it comes to the details about how to structure their work and manage tasks effectively. This can often lead to frustration for students and may lead to procrastination or avoidance. Our coaches work with students to identify where they may be able to improve their work process in order to decrease frustration and increase feelings of success.


Our coaches are here to help you and your students navigate the “how” of school by not only teaching students skills ,but by monitoring your student’s progress and communicating that information to you. At RSC, it is all about teamwork as we help your student reach their goals!



2020-2021 SCHOOL YEAR

During the school term, RSC will be running on a monthly schedule. We are thrilled to announce our program schedule starting in October.

How Do RSC Sessions Work?

Each session includes a combination of coaching as well as independent time for your student to work towards completing homework and other tasks. Students are put into groups of 5 and assigned to a coach who assists them in planning their work sessions, navigating assignments, and breaking down larger tasks into manageable pieces.

How long is each session?

Sessions are two hours long, twice per week, and take place virtually.


The classes are intended to be convenient as students can participate in our programs from the safety and comfort of their own home. They will also have access to our top-notch coaches without having any fears related to COVID exposure.

What does each session consist of?


  1. 20-30 minutes of group instruction focusing on building on solid foundations in skills such as planning, time management, organization, and study skills

  2. 15-20 minutes of individual time with an RSC coach to discuss individualized help on school assignments, executive functioning training, and overall academic management

    1. The coach will also be keeping track of the student’s grades and progress at school, while helping to develop strategies to deal with classes where the student is having problems

  3. During the remainder of the time, students will complete their homework under the supervision of an RSC coach

​How much is the program?

The Rockwell Program is a monthly subscription - for just $425/month! That includes 16 hours of virtual in-class sessions and communication with our coaches outside of class.



In addition to working with our students, we also aim to help parents who may be feeling overwhelmed by keeping track of their students’ work and school-related tasks.


Our coaches help monitor student progress, including tracking when work gets completed and turned in, and communicating this information with parents so you are aware of how your student is progressing.

We are able to offer this high-touch service because our sessions are capped at no more than 5 students per section


Our coaches will provide you with notifications if your student begins to fall behind in any of their subjects so you can allow your student their independence while also being aware of how they are doing.


This can allow you to rest easy or step in when necessary. We look forward to working with you and your student in order to help them achieve long-lasting success!



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